Martini Floreale – Alcohol Free Vermouth

GHS 195.00

Alcohol-free vermouth featured by Martini masters.

Non-alcoholic aperitif made as a substitute for white vermouth from this legendary Italian brand. It has the recognizable aromatic flavor of Martini and is a drink with botanical notes and a predominance of Roman chamomile.

With this non-alcoholic vermouth, you can create perfect appetizers either taking it alone or mixed with tonic and adding lemon, cucumber, or mint to decorate. If you want an elegant and sophisticated drink, add Lyre’s Dry London or another premium alcohol-free dry gin to create the classic 0% Martini cocktail.

Alcohol-free vermouth featured by Martini masters. Floreale is a flavorful white vermouth substitute inspired by the experience of the well-known brand. Using the same quality wines as a base, they carefully remove the alcohol and infuse it naturally with a selection of botanicals and delicious notes of Roman chamomile. The authentic Italian appetizer, but non-alcoholic.

Nutritional Information (per 100ml.)

  • Calories: 65 Kcal. (270 Kj).
  • Protein: 0 g.
  • Carbohydrates: 16 g.
  • Sugar: 16 g.
  • Salt: 0 g.

 75 cl.




Martini & Rossi (Italy)