About Us

VISIG KHOLLS is an online luxury brand that offers our customers exceptional signature products.
We are committed to excellence, quality and heathy life style.

At VISIG KHOLLS, we truely believe that, the real value of a product transcends price. We aim to indulge our clients on a transformative experience with our exceptional product quality.

Our luxury emporium offers a wide variety of healthy and wellness enhancement products ranging from food, wines, spirits – including alcohol-free spirits and gin, wellness gifts, fashion collections for men and women, fashion accessories, beauty products, household goods and artifacts.

Most of our food, wines and spirit offerings are plant based, zero sugar, vegan, organic, natural, low sulphite biodynamic and sulphite free.

Whether you are a teetotiller, sugar-free, dairy-free, vegan, alcohol lover, have sulphite or gluten intollerance, do not worry, we have the right products to fit your profile.

Just log onto our website and embark on a journey to satisfy your sweet/savory quality luxury desires with peace of mind.