Toilet Duck Gel 750ml – Fruitopia

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Getting your toilet clean is as easy as chilling on a pond. Duck® Deep Action Gel Fruitopia toilet liquid bowl cleaner sanitises your toilet in three simple steps, killing 99.9% of bathroom germs and bacteria. The uniquely shaped neck of this duck toilet gel – inspired by yours truly – allows you to better reach under the rim, leaving your entire toilet bowl clean by removing limescale, mineral deposits and toilet ring stains. Eliminate unpleasant odours with a fresh, long-lasting Fruity fragrance that you’ll want to splash your feathers in. (Although for non-feathered humans that is certainly not recommended. Or so I’m told to say). Toilet cleaning isn’t rocket science, it’s Duck® Science.
Duck® Deep Action Gel toilet liquid bowl cleaner kills 99;9% of germs in your toilet, Toilet descaler removes limescale, mineral deposits and toilet ring buildup, Uniquely shaped neck allows for better reach under the rim, evenly coating the bowl with toilet gel for 360° coverage, Cleans and freshens in three easy steps with no harsh toilet cleaner smell

<5% non-ionic surfactants; also contains: disinfectants; perfume


HOW TO USE: 1. Lift the toilet seat 2. To remove the cap, squeeze the two textured side surfaces and unscrew completely 3. Tip bottle to fill neck 4. Direct liquid under the rim and squeeze evenly around the bowl 5. Brush above and below the water line, then flush 6. Replace cap and close tightly until an audible click is heard 7. For stubborn stains, allow product to sit for several minutes WHERE TO USE: Toilets