GLENFIDDICH 30 Year Old Re-Imagination of Time Single Malt Scotch Whisky – 700ml

GHS 17,200.00

The 30 Year Old Re-Imagination of Time is the pinnacle of Glenfiddich’s exquisite range and another timeless classic. This Speyside distillery is so popular that only 0.01% of their stocks ever reach this age, making this release the rarest of the rare.

The idea behind the expression is that it captures the moment that the Master Distiller suspends the development of the whisky by bottling it. Hence, why the bottle appears frozen in time and suspended in mid-air. Matured in a combination of European and American oak for three decades, it tastes like toasted walnuts, hot cross buns, sweet oak and heather honey. There’s also the warming Sherry influence, which brings dried fruit and vintage marmalade into the mix, plus an exotic combo of rose petals, dates and figs that immediately whisks our mind to the Middle East. It has been filled into a handsome contemporary decanter, which harks back to the iconic triangular bottle, known as the ‘tround’. The tround was designed in the 1950s by Hans Schleger, a man who updated London Transport’s famous roundel and produced some of the most famous public information posters during World War II. And like the works of Hans Schleger, Glenfiddich’s 30 Year Old Re-Imagination of Time is sure to last the test of time.

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